Getting into the Industry - Advice

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2018

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2017

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2016

Breaking into the Game Industry - Michael Pavlovich

Do I Need a College Degree? - Michael Pavlovich

Daniel Orive (Riot Games) Interview


League of Legends Style Guide

Artistic Principals of VFX

Artistic Principals of VFX (GDC)

Realistic VFX in UE4

Teleportation Shader

Building High-End Gameplay Effects with Blueprint

Realtime VFX for Games - Houdini

Game Art Tricks - Simon Schreibt


Unreal Engine

Shooter Tutorial Series

Content Driven Multipass Rendering

Outline Effects with Custom Depth

Building Obduction: Cyan’s Custom UE4 Art Tools

Building High-End Gameplay Effects with Blueprint

Material Layering in Unreal


Saber Jlassi Houdini Tutorials

Applied Houdini

Pyro Explosion Shader

VAT Paint Splat

Houdini for Games Cinematics

Pavlovich on Gumroad

Game reference Screenshots

Creative Uncut - Game Concept Art

Technical Performance

GPU Performance for Game Artists

GTA V - Graphic Study

How Unreal Renders a Frame


Colour Theory

Colour Theory Simplified

Colour in Dead Cells

Adobe Colour Wheel


Lighting for Video Games

In-Game and Cinematic Lighting of The Last of Us

The Art of Lighting for Games

Lighting Academy Playlist

Lighting with Unreal 4


Fire FX of the Order

Pixel Art

Miniboss - Pixel Art Tutorials


Art Direction

Juice it or Lose It

3 Steps to Becoming a Better Artist



The Illusion of Life


Kuadro - Artboard Layout Tool



Vector Math in Games

Visualising Algorithms

Linear Algebra in Games

Reaction Diffusion Reactions in Photoshop

Wang Tiles for Dungeon Generation

Traditional VFX

 Alex Radfish - Lightning Strike


Optimizing Your Game

UE4 Performance and Profiling


Game AI Pro

Making Game Ready AI

Substance designer

Concrete Mandala

Geology Techniques

Daniel Thiger on Gumroad


Dustin Farrell - Slow Motion Landscapes

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