Getting into the Industry - Advice

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2018

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2017

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer 2016

Breaking into the Game Industry - Michael Pavlovich

Do I Need a College Degree? - Michael Pavlovich

Daniel Orive (Riot Games) Interview


League of Legends Style Guide

Artistic Principals of VFX

Artistic Principals of VFX (GDC)

Realistic VFX in UE4

Teleportation Shader

Building High-End Gameplay Effects with Blueprint

Realtime VFX for Games - Houdini

Game Art Tricks - Simon Schreibt


Unreal Engine

Shooter Tutorial Series

Content Driven Multipass Rendering

Outline Effects with Custom Depth

Building Obduction: Cyan’s Custom UE4 Art Tools

Building High-End Gameplay Effects with Blueprint

Material Layering in Unreal

level design

EvilMrFrank - Youtube


Saber Jlassi Houdini Tutorials

Applied Houdini

Pyro Explosion Shader

VAT Paint Splat

Houdini for Games Cinematics

Pavlovich on Gumroad

Game reference Screenshots

Creative Uncut - Game Concept Art

Technical Performance

GPU Performance for Game Artists

GTA V - Graphic Study

How Unreal Renders a Frame


Colour Theory

Colour Theory Simplified

Colour in Dead Cells

Adobe Colour Wheel


Lighting for Video Games

In-Game and Cinematic Lighting of The Last of Us

The Art of Lighting for Games

Lighting Academy Playlist

Lighting with Unreal 4


Fire FX of the Order

Pixel Art

Miniboss - Pixel Art Tutorials


Art Direction

Juice it or Lose It

3 Steps to Becoming a Better Artist



The Illusion of Life


Kuadro - Artboard Layout Tool



Vector Math in Games

Visualising Algorithms

Linear Algebra in Games

Reaction Diffusion Reactions in Photoshop

Wang Tiles for Dungeon Generation

Traditional VFX

 Alex Radfish - Lightning Strike


Optimizing Your Game

UE4 Performance and Profiling


Game AI Pro

Making Game Ready AI

Substance designer

Concrete Mandala

Geology Techniques

Daniel Thiger on Gumroad


Dustin Farrell - Slow Motion Landscapes


20 Composition Rules

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